Follow Friday: footnoteMaven

For this edition of Follow Friday, I’d like to call your attention to footnoteMaven (aka Tweet Maven aka Shades Maven).

footnoteMaven is on top of it all: citations, photography and genealogy in general. Following her on Twitter is a must. If you have not seen Shades of the Departed Magazine, and you have any interest in older photographs, then it would be well worth your time to page through the current and past issues, all available online for free. These are beautiful e-publications full of useful and fun articles.

Follow Friday Funnies

It’s been a long week, coming off of the holiday break, and so I thought I’d devote this Follow Friday post to those who can lighten things up:

On Twitter: @FakeAPStylebook

I’m a former reporter and the Associated Press Stylebook was my bible during those days. Fake AP Stylebook’s guidelines are a hilarious take on those rigid rules. One of today’s gems: Avoid using the word “WOW” in your stories, as Australian readers will think you’re talking about their mom.

On TV and elsewhere:

Follow @Baratunde (comedian Baratunde Thurston) for a daily dose of humor, tech talk and political realism. Baratunde is also a web editor for The Onion* and a TV host. I had the pleasure of meeting him when his Science Channel show “Popular Science: The Future of” came to my day job at U-Md. to film an episode. He’s been kinda quiet today but that’s probably because it’s #whiskeyfriday.

* speaking of, follow them here: @TheOnion

On genealogy:

This is a genealogy blog, so I’ve got to call your attention to two of the funniest genealogy Tweeps I know: @ACoffin (who causes me to laugh out loud on a daily basis, earning me strange looks from my coworkers) and @geneabloggers (check out his blog for the epistle “A Man With Dolls” and last month’s holiday serenade). You’ll recognize them because I’ve given them Follow Friday props before — in addition to having a wicked sense of humor, each is a solid genealogist.

Follow Friday: Family Tree Writer

This week, I’d like to call your attention to Sherry Kline‘s Family Tree Writer blog.

Sherry is a very active genealogy blogger — she wrote great posts for the GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. She doesn’t hesitate to share neat finds she comes across, like this opportunity to turn your own handwriting into a font.

Sherry doesn’t skimp on any of her posts — they are all thorough and well-written — be sure to follow her!

Follow Friday: PreservationNation

I stumbled upon this blog a couple of weeks ago when I saw their post on the Holt House on the grounds of the National Zoo. If you are interested in history, historic buildings and preserving them, you should follow PreservationNation too.

This blog provides interesting views on historic buildings around the country (check out the Window Wednesday posts) and points to those properties that are in need of help in order to keep them preserved.

The blog posts are written by preservation experts, students and other advocates — the different perspectives add nice variety to this blog.

Follow Friday: Genea-Musings

This week, I’d like to highlight Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings.

Randy is a very active member of the genealogy blogger community. His Saturday Night Genealogy Fun blogging prompts keep us writing on the weekend. In the interim, he posts great technology reviews and how-to guides. His personal genealogy posts are thorough and fun to read as well.

I’d like to call your attention to a fun post of Randy’s just today on Christmas names in census records. How fun! Be sure to check out his fun Christmas icon!

Follow Friday: Family Stories

This week, I’d like to call your attention to the blog Family Stories. I really enjoy the posts here by Caroline (see her also on Twitter: @FamilyStories).

Caroline is clever, thorough and creative. She’s a supportive member of the GeneaBlogger community — I encourage you to get to know her.

I’m really intrigued by a series she is writing for her blog about an arson that killed her grandmother’s brother, Roscoe Martin. This series alone is worth a visit to her blog, but you should add her to your reader/watchlist/RSS feed!

Follow Friday: Ginisology

This week’s choice of a blog for my Follow Friday post was a no-brainer for me. Gini Webb at Ginisology has been posting such excellent stories and photos for the GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories series, that I’m looking forward to them every day.

Gini’s blog boasts a very clever title and currently has a wonderful holiday-themed header as well.

Gini, like me, has a German family background, which is one of the reasons I’m drawn to her blog. I particularly liked today’s post about the German Christmas cards her fam has received from relatives in the old country.

In addition to maintaining a wonderful blog, Gini is an active Twitterer (Tweeter?) — be sure to follow her there!

Follow Friday: Destination: Austin Family

This week, I would like to call your attention to Thomas MacEntee’s family blog, Destination: Austin Family. You may recognize Thomas from his efforts to keep all of us genealogy bloggers posting through the GeneaBloggers web site and blog prompts, but I want to make sure everyone is also following his personal blog (which is very festively decked out for the holidays!).

One facet of Thomas’ blog that I admire is his daily genealogy journal, in which he details all of the genealogy-related work he has done that day or the day before. This takes a lot of discipline on his part. I’m sure he finds it helpful, but I also find new ideas and resources in these journal entries that I can use in my own research.

Another recent post of his that really piqued my interest detailed a mysterious phenomenon documented in letters by his mother.

Thomas is an extremely supportive member of the genealogy blogger community — be sure to support him by reading his personal blog!

Sneaking In a Follow Friday Post

It’s late, but I wanted to sneak in a quick Follow Friday post about a blog that I’ve been fascinated with lately: Be Not Forgot. Love the tagline: “May Those Begotten Be Not Forgotten.”

Vicki E. of Texas is the proprietor of this lovely blog. Her “On This Day” posts are impressive recaps of births, deaths, and other interesting events in her extensively researched family history.

Vicki also creates lovely digital photo montages to accompany many of her blog posts. My favorite though is the main icon for her blog — a picture from her childhood with her dad. So adorable!

It’s also worthwhile to follow Vicki on Twitter.

Entrepreneurial Follow Friday

Most of my fellow genealogists/historians are trying to make a go of this as a business. Below are the tweeps I follow for business advice and resources, especially for small business owners:

@SmallBizBee: posts links to helpful marketing and other strategies

@BootstrapMD: focused on Maryland/Mid-Atlantic small businesses

@mdchamber: The Maryland Chamber of Commerce; advocacy group that posts helpful info regarding laws and other matters affecting Maryland businesses

@AIIP: The Association of Independent Information Professionals; wonderful professional organization — great support and information available from other members

@mtechumd:  Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute; runs dozens of events throughout the year for Maryland entrepreneurs

@smallbiztrends: posts helpful links and does regular Q&A sessions over Twitter on various topics. [late addition: missed this one on my first pass!]

I’m curious to know who else my fellow genealogists may be following along these lines. Post comments here and I’ll do a round-up at a later date.