Local Follow-Friday Love

Here are the genea-folks in the Maryland-Virginia-D.C. area worth following and why:

@michaelhait/African-American-Genealogy-Examiner: thorough, helpful research tips for those in the D.C. area or those seeking information about African-American ancestors

@matfam42/My Nola Heritage: very supportive genea-tweep and has a wonderful blog about her family history research

@InnerCompass/Lessons From My Ancestors: her blog posts about her ancestor Sylvia Tyler are a compelling, worth-while read.

@stephengcox/Ancestral Embrace: relatively new genea-blogger; he’s been doing a lot of research on Slavic ancestors recently and has many posts dealing with Ellis Island records.

@archives_gov/National Archives: goes without saying

@librarycongress/Library of Congress blog: another no-brainer (hoping to post a summary of my visit to their genealogy reading room soon)

@SILibraries/Smithsonian Libraries: Learn about news from the museums’ collections and resources in the libraries. Don’t forget that these libraries have rich catalogs of interest to genealogists/historians! I searched microfilm rolls at the National Museum of American History library last year.

@amhistorymuseum/National Museum of American History: fun daily historical facts and exhibition updates.

@SmithsonianMag/Smithsonian Magazine: info on archaeology, history, life sciences and much more.