Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 96-99

Here’s another fun series of photos:

Photo 96

Dapper suits, but shabby building.

Photo 97

Nice wheels. Is that guy in the back asleep? I tried to read the year on the plate. It looks like it says 1907, but I believe it’s actually 1917. After comparing the photos here with antique car photos on the web, I *think* this might be a 1917 Ford Model-T.

Photo 98

The guy on the right is so stiff compared to the other three…

Photo 99

The above is a really great photo.

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 92-95

The next series of photos is one of the reasons why I bought these albums. The photos are taken in Washington, D.C., my hometown.

Photo 92

Nice shot in front of the Capitol. Uh-oh, the guy second from the left has his hand in front of his face. Let’s try again.

Photo 93

This is better, but not everyone’s looking at the camera. C’mon, guys. Focus! Here’s another landmark to see while the guys regroup.

Photo 94

You guys ready? Let’s try one more time.

Photo 95


Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 87-91

We’ve all been confused by the coding system on these photos. Now I’m really beginning to doubt the math skills of the original album owner (or at least the person who labeled the photos).

Photo 87

Note the age of the baby that is written at the bottom — “7 weeks old.” But here’s what’s written on the back:

Reverse of Photo 87: 6 weeks old.

There’s more:

Photo 88

Once again, “7 weeks old” is written at the base of this photo, which conflicts with what’s written on the reverse:

Reverse of Photo 88: 6 weeks old.

One more (nothing written on the back though):

Photo 89

Okay, moving on.

Photo 90

Nice shower cap?

And now, for something completely different.

Photo 91

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 84-86

Here are some lovely summery photos, once again. The first image features our album’s star, seated with three older women.

Photo 84

The next photo features the three women above, plus one more.

Photo 85

Photo 86 is an odd shot and features our old friend, the hammock. Given that this photo wasn’t posed, I can only assume that the photog was hoping for a repeat performance of the fallen hammock.

Photo 86

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 80-83

Our album’s star is literally holding onto her hat in Photo 80:

Photo 80

I like the details on the dress of the subject in Photo 81:

Photo 81

This next photo is a little odd. It looks like she is tilting the chair to get a better look at something on its seat — a newspaper, perhaps?

Photo 82

A wildlife shot:

Photo 83

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 77-79

Check out the random kid with the vintage tricycle in Photo 77:

Photo 77

I wonder at which park this photo was taken — could it still be around?

Photo 78 sort of reveals the identity of a prior album subject:

Photo 78

Reverse of Photo 78: Brother and Sister

At least I can read around the glue marks this time.

I’m curious as to the setting for this next photo. It looks rather industrial:

Photo 79

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 73-76

Photo 73 has some familiar faces. They are pictured very far away, but their identities are listed on the back.

Photo 73

Reverse of Photo 73: Aunt Bert & Hazel Walters

We first met Aunt Bert in Photo 16. Hazel Walters appeared in Photo 13.

Photo 74 doesn’t have any identifying information, but it is a cute photo:

Photo 74

I believe we’re at another military memorial of some kind in the next two photos:

Photo 75

Photo 76

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 64-67

Exciting news! I’ve finally finished scanning all of the photos in Album 1 of the Album Rescue Project. Now I just need to blog about them!

These ladies have some lovely hats in Photo 64:

Photo 64

Photo 65

Photo 66

Reverse of Photo 66 "Hazel and Ray"

Photo 67 has more of those confounded codes written on it. The numbers must be years, but how do they make any sense? And are the letters initials? This is driving me slowly mad…

Photo 67

Insanity-inducing notations aside, this really is quite a lovely photo…

Album Rescue Project: Photos 57-60

More fun photos in this next set. And one frustrating one.

Photo 57

The little girl front and center looks like a total badass with her headband and her arms crossed.

And here’s the album’s star with a parasol on a sunny day. If it’s as hot as I think it is, I can’t imagine having to wear those tights and shoes.

Photo 58

The girl in the middle of this photo almost looks glamorous!

Photo 59

And now for the frustrating photo:

Photo 60 (note that his chair is placed over a cellar door)

It’s not the image itself that’s frustrating. It’s what happened on the back:

Reverse of Photo 60: "Uncle H???y"

Argh! Can’t make out the first name of the uncle pictured due to the use of glue to attach this photo. The album owner tended to glue in the photos that were placed toward the center of the album, probably because when the pages were turned, those photos toward the center tended to pop out of the photo corners when the pages bent. This was one of those photos. Dangit.