Album Rescue Project: Photos 43-45

The next photos from the album show more fun times outdoors. Have you noticed that all of these photos have been taken outdoors? I guess flash photography wasn’t available (not affordably, at least), so they had to rely on natural light to take their photos.

Photo 43

Photo 44

I’m trying to decide if the above is some sort of game or if the photographer was just waiting for imminent disaster (kind of like with the hammock series…).

Photo 45

And, any idea what she’s holding?

Unfortunately, none of these photos have notes on the back.

Album Rescue Project: Photos 33 & 34

Here, we’re getting into a part of the album where Scotch tape was used to attach the photos to the pages of the album in addition to the photo corners and in some cases, glue. Luckily, the tape came off easily. Unfortunately, it left yellow stains where it came into contact with the photos.

Photo 33

Note what’s hanging from his belt. It reminds me of the pin the girl is wearing in an earlier photo.

Photo 34

I love the little structure in this photo. I’m not convinced that it’s a full-blown house, as it appears to be on the property of a larger building in a subsequent photo. I wonder if those are panes of stained glass in the window of the second floor.

Album Rescue Project: Photos 26 and 27

The little girl who’s been featured in many of the photos in the album so far looks so grown up in this next photo:

Photo 26

I’m beginning to think that she was the original owner of this album. Take a look at the bouquet around her neck. I wonder how typical an accessory that was back then…

Photo 27

This photo is peculiar for a few reasons. 1) It’s printed on postcard stock; 2) the angle of the head of the girl on the left is strange to me — I wonder if she moved while the photo was being taken; 3) there is a strange mark in the background behind the woman on the right. I can’t tell if it’s ink or part of the photo.

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 24-25

Here’s a photo with a rather artsy angle to it:

Photo 24

I’m not completely convinced that the people in this photo are related to those we’ve already met. Partly because of the paper this is printed on:

Reverse of Photo 24 (postcard markings)

I do recognize at least one of the girls in this next photo:

Photo 25