Treasure-Chest Thursday

Some of my most treasured possessions are the hand-written recipes my mom and grandma left behind. I miss them both terribly, but can bring back wonderful memories of them by cooking their recipes. I recently started scanning many of these recipes into Creative Memories Memory Manager software, to make sure I’ll always have a copy. This has allowed me to start a digital cookbook in CM’s Storybook Creator software as well. I’ll be able to share this cookbook both online and in print form with friends and family when I’m done. If you’re interested in seeing my cookbook or learning how to create your own, please contact me!

Flank Steak Marinade

5 thoughts on “Treasure-Chest Thursday

  1. Wow! When I saw the recipe card I did a double-take because my mother had the same ones. I believe they were sold by the Current company which had a catalog. Anyone remember them?

  2. Herstoryan says:

    What a wonderful heirloom. You certainly have a treasure! I love your blog by the way, good job! 🙂

  3. baysideresearch says:

    Thanks, Herstoryan! I love your username!

    Thomas, a friend of mine saw my post about these on Facebook and said she recently bought an unused pack of these at an antique store — I’ll check to see if she can find the manufacturer — I checked mine and didn’t see any kind of mark…

  4. Gather Smith says:

    What a nice idea, though I find it odd that the recipe you choose to post here is something to which you are allergic, no?

  5. baysideresearch says:

    Gather, you’re right! I’ve tragically developed a supposed soy allergy and should avoid it. I grew up eating this flank steak at family bbqs though and still sneak a serving every once in a while, with Epipen at the ready.

    And Thomas, my aunt also recalled these cards as being produced by Currents (

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