Tombstone Tuesday (A Day Early)

Dear Reader: Do you think you are related to the individuals listed in this post? Please drop me a note! I love hearing from cousins and others researching my family!

To make up for my lapse over the weekend in posting Saturday Night Genealogy Fun a day late, I’m posting for Tombstone Tuesday a day early. Besides, I won’t be around tomorrow night to post it then.

I don’t have a picture (yet) of the grave site of Obediah Basham in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, but in researching this line of my family tree on, I came across his entry on the Find a Grave web site:

Obediah is one of my great-great-great-great grandfathers. His daughter, Delilah (I love their names!), married Jonathan Cheatham Corley.

At least according to this site, Obediah Basham fought in the Revolutionary War (I haven’t had a chance to investigate the veracity of this yet). It’s interesting to see who has left notes on this site in his memory. Who are they and what are their connections to Obediah? Are they my distant relations? At least one of them says they are related to him.

I’ve done some preliminary investigations into the Basham (sometimes Bassam) line. There are a few books mentioning Obediah, Delilah and a few of their possible forebears. There’s a whole mess of confusion as to who Obediah’s parents may be — on, there are no less than three possible sets and the potential fathers are all brothers. Another blogger genealogist had the excellent suggestion of investigating the brothers’ wills, which I hope to pursue soon.


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