Treasure Chest Thursday: A Tisket, A Tasket

My Mom’s Sewing Basket!

100_3917 I have so many memories of my mom and this basket — its contents bring them all flooding back — the shoelaces, spools of thread, different types of needles and the dozens upon dozens of buttons.


Glimpse Inside

I remember my mom pulling out this basket to hem my school uniforms and to sew labels inside my summer camp clothes. It still contains snaps from the baby doll clothes she sewed for me and my sister.


Remember when Band-Aids came in metal boxes?

One of the relics inside is a metal Band-Aid box, used to store some of the many buttons my mom collected over the years.


Palm Tree Dress Buttons

One of the spare buttons she saved is labeled “Palm Tree Dress.” My mom was not a dress person, but she did own one that she wore to all the big occasions — an aunt’s wedding or a cousin’s christening. That was the Palm Tree Dress. I pictured it immediately as soon as I read the label on this package.


Disney Sewing Kit

Still more memories were triggered when I found this Walt Disney World Resorts sewing kit — obtained during our stay there when I was nine. The kit appears untouched — click on the picture for a look at the contents. They were thoughtful enough to include a Band-Aid for pricked fingers!


One thought on “Treasure Chest Thursday: A Tisket, A Tasket

  1. […] I was preparing last week’s Treasure Chest Thursday post, I came across a set of two tiny buttons in my mom’s sewing basket that I hadn’t found […]

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