Wordless Wednesday: Jockey’s Ridge Sand Castle


Jockey’s Ridge is a huge sand dune on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The Outer Banks are barrier islands that are constantly moving. Jockey’s Ridge moves with them, swallowing the properties on its perimeter. In this photo from 1999, I’m standing of what remained of a putt-putt course miniature castle, now barely visible. The scene has even changed since then — see other photos of the same area on Flickr.


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Jockey’s Ridge Sand Castle

  1. Matt Slicer says:

    So a discount is offered to play the course, I presume?

  2. baysideresearch says:

    Matt, it’s just the biggest sand trap ever!

  3. Matt Slicer says:

    Oh! Good one. (Not really, but it’s
    your blog :-))

    I think I’d be less distracted by the sand than by that woman in the jean shorts.

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