Local Follow-Friday Love

Here are the genea-folks in the Maryland-Virginia-D.C. area worth following and why:

@michaelhait/African-American-Genealogy-Examiner: thorough, helpful research tips for those in the D.C. area or those seeking information about African-American ancestors

@matfam42/My Nola Heritage: very supportive genea-tweep and has a wonderful blog about her family history research

@InnerCompass/Lessons From My Ancestors: her blog posts about her ancestor Sylvia Tyler are a compelling, worth-while read.

@stephengcox/Ancestral Embrace: relatively new genea-blogger; he’s been doing a lot of research on Slavic ancestors recently and has many posts dealing with Ellis Island records.

@archives_gov/National Archives: goes without saying

@librarycongress/Library of Congress blog: another no-brainer (hoping to post a summary of my visit to their genealogy reading room soon)

@SILibraries/Smithsonian Libraries: Learn about news from the museums’ collections and resources in the libraries. Don’t forget that these libraries have rich catalogs of interest to genealogists/historians! I searched microfilm rolls at the National Museum of American History library last year.

@amhistorymuseum/National Museum of American History: fun daily historical facts and exhibition updates.

@SmithsonianMag/Smithsonian Magazine: info on archaeology, history, life sciences and much more.


3 thoughts on “Local Follow-Friday Love

  1. Thanks for mentioning my Blog. You never know who is reading what you write. Did not realize there are so many of us form this area researching. Glad to meet you and look forward to reading your Blogs!

  2. baysideresearch says:

    Sure thing, Felicia! Nice to meet you as well. Maybe we can all plan a local genea-gathering sometime.

  3. Michael Hait says:

    Thanks for the mention! Count me in on any local plans…

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