SNGF: A Nice Thing

Our challenge this weekend, as put forth by Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings, is to recognize our fellow genealogists for nice things they’ve done for us in the past week or so. There’s a slew I could mention, and while I can’t thank everyone individually here for all the retweets, Follow Friday mentions, etc., over the past week, know that they are all appreciated!

I am so thankful for the warm and helpful community of geneabloggers I joined only a couple of months ago. Everyone is quick to respond to each others work with encouragement and helpful comments.

Today: Caroline at Family Stories was kind enough to mention me in her SNGF post tonight. Thanks, Caroline!

Tonia at Tonia’s Roots responded to my request for recommendations for service that allows you to pre-schedule Tweets. Thanks, Tonia, for your advice!

Thursday: Amy at We Tree left a lovely comment on the post I wrote about my dad for Veteran’s Day. Thanks for your kind words, Amy!

Last week: My fellow ProGen4 participants gave me wonderful feedback on my education plan — thanks, all! You’re a great group to interact with.

I would also like to thank Randy for this blogging prompt and all of this suggestions each Saturday night. Similar thanks are due to Thomas, our GeneaBloggers leader (also of the blog Destination: Austin Family). His efforts to keep us blogging and interacting with each other are a huge service to our community.


4 thoughts on “SNGF: A Nice Thing

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words! It is amazing how giving the genealogy blogging community is and that includes YOU! Cheers!

  2. Lori E says:

    Twitter and blogging are wonderful assets to our genealogy communities but they of course would be nothing without the generous, kind people like you have mentioned.

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