Kreativ Blogger

My belated thanks to Leslie Ann Ballou at Ancestors Live Here for selecting me for the Kreativ Blogger award. The person who receives this award must list 7 things about herself and name 7 other bloggers to receive the award.

Here are my 7 things (apologies to those who may have seen some combination of these on Facebook or Flickr):

1) I have a masters degree in library science.
2) I’ve been detained for questioning by the Secret Service.
3) I drive 140 miles each weekday to/from the Eastern Shore of Maryland and College Park (that includes two daily trips over The Bridge).
4) I’ve written for the Washington Post.
5) I love red wine. And beer.
6) I am a contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary.
7) I can’t ride a bike.

And here are my 7 selections for the Kreativ Blogger award:

1) We Tree
2) Thoughts From Polly’s Granddaughter
3) Ancestories
4) Begin with ‘Craft’
5) Kathy Wait Myers Genealogy
6) Tina’s Genealogy Wish List
7) Lost Family Treasures

All of the above are very interesting, well-written and fun to read. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    Thank you for the award!

  2. Thank you! I was in the process of writing my acceptance blog, too, and selected yours! You win again! =)

  3. Thank you! I better get writing!

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