Tombstone Tuesday: Find-A-Grave

This past weekend, I took my first volunteer photos of a gravesite for another user of the Find-A-Grave web site. For anyone who is interested in family history but hasn’t been to this site yet, I highly recommend you give it a visit.

On this site, which is free to join/peruse, users can post photos of gravesites of family members and others, along with biographical information. It’s a treasure trove for genealogists. I’ve found several unknown-to-me relatives by browsing relatives of ancestors with memorials on the site.

Users can build virtual cemeteries on the site, which can contain memorials for relatives, etc., even if they are actually buried in many different cemeteries. This is a handy way to keep track of far-flung ancestral burial sites.

I visited Woodlawn Memorial Park in Easton, Md., Saturday to take gravesite photos at the request of another user. If you live far away from the burial site(s) of family members, you can make a similar request of others in the area of the cemetery where your relative is buried. Their photos may allow you to “visit” a grave you may not otherwise have the chance to see.

Headstones often have quite a bit of information that can be handy for family history research (birth and death dates, names, nearby graves of relatives, etc). However, these facts should always be confirmed using other records as mistakes are often made in the production of headstones.


One thought on “Tombstone Tuesday: Find-A-Grave

  1. Find A Grave is a great site! You are right. It is worth a visit for those who have never been there.

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