Follow Friday: Destination: Austin Family

This week, I would like to call your attention to Thomas MacEntee’s family blog, Destination: Austin Family. You may recognize Thomas from his efforts to keep all of us genealogy bloggers posting through the GeneaBloggers web site and blog prompts, but I want to make sure everyone is also following his personal blog (which is very festively decked out for the holidays!).

One facet of Thomas’ blog that I admire is his daily genealogy journal, in which he details all of the genealogy-related work he has done that day or the day before. This takes a lot of discipline on his part. I’m sure he finds it helpful, but I also find new ideas and resources in these journal entries that I can use in my own research.

Another recent post of his that really piqued my interest detailed a mysterious phenomenon documented in letters by his mother.

Thomas is an extremely supportive member of the genealogy blogger community — be sure to support him by reading his personal blog!


One thought on “Follow Friday: Destination: Austin Family

  1. [blush]

    Thank you so much for the kind words – I also appreciate the way you and many others have contributed to the genealogy blogging community!

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