Holiday Parties

This is blog post #7 for the GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.

Me & Grandma on New Year's Eve

My mom and dad used to have my aunts and grandma over for New Years Eve when I was real little. I remember trying to stay up with them at the age of 4 or 5. My dad would blow into a little horn (which I still have), resulting in ridiculous sounds at the stroke of midnight. I especially thought it was fun if one of my aunts and/or my grandma was spending the night.

Mom at the Holiday Table, 1985

In the above photo, the plastic Christmas tree I blogged about previously serves as a centerpiece.

Grandma Clearing the Dishes, 1985

I can only imagine my dad took these shots from 1985 because 1) it’s the kind of thing he would do; 2) he’s the only one my grandma would have stood for to take the photo; and 3) my mom and aunts all appear in similar shots from that year.


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