This is post #14 in the GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. The blogging prompt is “Fruitcake–Friend or Foe?”

I’m indifferent to fruitcake. I guess my mom never cared for it, because we almost never had any. I think I can remember one instance of receiving one, but honestly, isn’t fruitcake like Chia Pets and the Clapper now? Who actually buys them?

I remember the occasional Christmas cookie bejeweled with the same green and red candied cherries to be found in fruitcake, but that’s about as close as I’ve come to eating one. I think the cherries are pretty, but they’re not my favorite thing in the world.

I’m generally not a fan of most dried fruits and usually don’t go out of my way to put nuts in anything I bake either. That would put me on the “Foe” side. However, I think it’s traditional to soak fruitcakes in rum, is it not? Can anything soaked in rum be that bad?


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