Follow Friday Funnies

It’s been a long week, coming off of the holiday break, and so I thought I’d devote this Follow Friday post to those who can lighten things up:

On Twitter: @FakeAPStylebook

I’m a former reporter and the Associated Press Stylebook was my bible during those days. Fake AP Stylebook’s guidelines are a hilarious take on those rigid rules. One of today’s gems: Avoid using the word “WOW” in your stories, as Australian readers will think you’re talking about their mom.

On TV and elsewhere:

Follow @Baratunde (comedian Baratunde Thurston) for a daily dose of humor, tech talk and political realism. Baratunde is also a web editor for The Onion* and a TV host. I had the pleasure of meeting him when his Science Channel show “Popular Science: The Future of” came to my day job at U-Md. to film an episode. He’s been kinda quiet today but that’s probably because it’s #whiskeyfriday.

* speaking of, follow them here: @TheOnion

On genealogy:

This is a genealogy blog, so I’ve got to call your attention to two of the funniest genealogy Tweeps I know: @ACoffin (who causes me to laugh out loud on a daily basis, earning me strange looks from my coworkers) and @geneabloggers (check out his blog for the epistle “A Man With Dolls” and last month’s holiday serenade). You’ll recognize them because I’ve given them Follow Friday props before — in addition to having a wicked sense of humor, each is a solid genealogist.


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