(Un)dead Follow Friday

Their focus is on the dead, but their tweets are quite lively. For this week’s Follow Friday recommendations, I thought I’d highlight those who specialize in cemeteries — news surrounding them and their preservation.

Some may find it creepy that there are those of us who enjoy wandering around graveyards, but every stone tells a story and beneath each marker lies someone’s ancestor. They should not be forgotten.

Follow CemeteryMan101 for the latest news involving cemeteries across the country and the world. From preservation to management to history, he scours the news for reports on burial grounds.

Follow jackrobinson181 to learn about his latest forays into cemetery preservation, especially African-American burial sites. His mission is very worthwhile and his posts are always interesting, often with photos and/or movies accompanying them.

Follow southerngraves for interesting posts on a variety of cemetery-related topics from the U.S. South, including recommended reading and history. Bonus points for being a scrapbooker too!

Follow fairangels for updates on the Online Searchable Death Indexes (his creation) and some beautiful photography, along with other links of interest to genealogists/historians.

Finally, visit Cemetery Curiosities for a unique view on graveyards, specifically those mementos left behind by friends and relatives at the gravesites of their loved ones. These artifacts can offer an interesting view on someone’s life and their relationships with others.

3 thoughts on “(Un)dead Follow Friday

  1. Bill Smith says:

    Nice Focus to your Follow Friday post. Thank you for sharing!

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill 😉

    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

  2. baysideresearch says:


  3. They are providing valueable service and here’s thanks to their good work

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