Scrappy Saturday: Unscrapbooking

Many people associate scrapbooking with scads of paper, glue, stickers and people who have a lot of time to put it all together. And scrapbooking can be all that for those who are so inclined. I would love to be able to spend hours each week putting scrapbooks together, but such opportunities are a rarity for me. I think most people would say the same thing.

But there are other faster, simpler options out there for storing and displaying your photos. Check out these albums, which include slots for photos like many traditional photo albums. But these slots also can accommodate journaling boxes so you can tell a story, just like in a regular scrapbook. The number of journaling boxes you include is up to you. You also can slip pieces of pre-cut photo mounting paper behind your photos or on their own to further enhance your album. No glue, cropping or stickers required.

Create a quick “unscrapbook” using the following (always photo-safe) Creative Memories products:

Picfolio Albums

Picfolio Milestones Coversets and Pages

Milestones Kits (photo-mounting paper and journaling box sets)


2 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday: Unscrapbooking

  1. Bill Smith says:

    Good ideas. When I first saw “unscrapbook” I thought of my wife with a very old scrapbook that is falling apart. How to salvage photos and clippings without destroying the “old scrapbook” itself. From the 1940s-1950s.

    Bill 😉
    Author of “13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories”

  2. baysideresearch says:

    That’s something I may be able to help with too, Bill! Send me an email if you or your wife would like assistance:

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