Tombstone Tuesday: The BEER(S)

Came across these tombstones in Copp’s Hill Burying Ground in Boston’s North End and couldn’t resist:

I first happened upon this tombstone for William Beer:

Then, my alert pal Lisa noticed he was joined by his widow (maybe; see the middle tombstone in the background):

There’s an ‘s’ on the end of Ann’s last name, while William’s is Beer in the singular. Assuming the William married to Ann was the same whose tombstone is in the foreground, which spelling is correct?


3 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: The BEER(S)

  1. Kathy says:

    I wonder if they were originally Bihr and changed it when they immigrated. My mother’s maiden name is Bihr, pronounced Beer, but nobody ever pronounced it correctly. It’s a rockin’ name, though!

  2. The BEERS family has been in New England since the brothers Anthony and James arrived in 1635. Anthony came to Watertown, Massachusetts and James to Connecticut. There was a separate BEARSE family on Cape Cod, descendants of Augustine/Austin Bearse who died in Barnstable about 1686.

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