FGS10 Day 1

Just returned to my sister’s house after a very full Day 1 at the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference.

After sleeping in and a quick breakfast, I met up with Amy Coffin to pick up our registration packets. While we were at the Knoxville Convention Center, we moseyed around the World’s Fair Park, including the Sunsphere and amphitheater. Then we walked down to Market Square for lunch at Soccer Taco (so good!).

After lunch, we checked out the concierge suite at the Hilton before I headed back to the convention center to attend a couple of sessions about FamilySearch.org.

The first session dealt with an initiative called “Project X,” which seeks to concentrate resources including information, training and access to people and organizations through tools like wiki.familysearch.org, forums.familysearch.org and online training classes available on the main site.

I was really surprised by some of the resources that I didn’t know were available at the resources above. For instance, the wiki includes sections on items like English probate jurisdiction and elaborate census index site matrices. The wiki is now up to 40,000 pages and grows at a rate of 1,200 pages a month — impressive!

The second session I attended drilled down deep into the forums at FamilySearch.org. Did you know there are social groups there based on topics like common ancestors, FHC locations, indexing and more?

The folks at FamilySearch are building the forums up to be robust enough to guarantee responses to research questions. That’s fantastic!

After these sessions, I met up again with Amy, Thomas MacEntee, Tina Lyons and Tonia Kendrick for drinks before joining 17 other fellow ProGen participants for dinner at Trio at Market Square. I had a great conversation three others in the study group who are in various stages of the program. We all compared notes on our various research projects — I got some great ideas to follow up on!

I’m happy to report that I heard no admonitions about using Twitter today! In fact, kudos to speaker Michael Ritchey of FamilySearch.org for pointing out how many genealogists are making use of Twitter for their research.

Have to head to bed early so I can be back at the convention center for a FamilySearch blogger’s breakfast at 7 a.m.(!)


4 thoughts on “FGS10 Day 1

  1. Tina Lyons says:

    It was great to finally meet you!

  2. taneya says:

    thanks for the update! here’s to more fun for you tomorrow.

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