Tombstone Tuesday: A Head Above the Rest

I visited the cemetery at Trinity Church of Christ in Manchester, Md., for a house history project I’m working on (shhh! It’s a secret!). I can’t post anything about the subjects of that project yet, but I did take some pics of another tombstone at the cemetery, which literally towered over the rest of the stones there.

The monument pictured above is for the BRUMMELs.

To the memory of
my mother
died March 8, 1879,
aged 77 years,
by her only child
A.O. Brummel
“She is not dead but sleepeth.”

In memory of
A. O. Brummel,
born July 7, 1831,
died June 20, 1909,
Age 77 -11-13
“Untill the day dawn and the day-star arise”

Johanna Fowble,
died Nov. 22, 1890
91 yrs 11 mos & 25 d’s
Loved in life,
not forgotten in death
by a devoted nephew,
A. O. Brummel

In memory of
Lennie Myerblac
wife of
Major A.O. Brummel
born in Sweden
died in Washington, D.C.
May 8, 1803,
in her 47 year
“My cherished hopes I’ve
buried here.”

I don’t know anything about the major or the rest of his family except this tidbit gleaned from Google. He may also have written songs under the name August O. Brummel.


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