Treasure Chest Thursday: Thank You, eBay

Dear Reader: Do you think you are related to the individuals listed in this post? Please drop me a note! I love hearing from cousins and others researching my family!

Earlier this year, I created an alert for my last name on eBay. I get daily updates on new items for sale that are related to the surname Corley. There’s a ton of 80s TV show memorabilia related to Al Corley, who starred on “Dynasty” (relationship unknown as of now).

There also are several authors with the last name Corley. This daily alert has netted me two books written by my kinsman in the past year. Over the summer, I scored another copy of A Genealogy of Corleys, which I gifted to my half-brother. Just a couple of weeks ago, another book by a relative went up for auction. It was a Spanish-language novel edited by my great-uncle Ames Haven Corley for use in the classroom.

I was the only person to bid on the book and therefore won the auction. For less than $5 ($.99 bid + shipping), I now am the proud owner of the 1922 Macmillan Spanish Series edition of Amalia. It’s in great shape. Too bad I can’t read Spanish!

Ames Haven Corley

I don’t know a ton about my great-uncle Ames, but I do know that he taught languages at Williams College (where my father eventually went to school) and at Yale University, for whom this book was printed. As the title page above states, he was an assistant professor at the time this book was published.

It is neat to read the preface, written in 1917 by my great uncle, who signed his name A.H.C.

There are exercises at the back of the book, which were devised by my great-uncle as well.

I highly recommend setting up a similar search on eBay — you never know what it may turn up about your ancestors. After the luck I’ve had so far, I intend to set up more alerts for other surnames in my family tree.


10 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday: Thank You, eBay

  1. Kathryn says:

    Great advice! You never know what will turn up on eBay. I set up alerts for my surnames and the counties my ancestors lived in awhile back. So far, I’ve turned up some interesting books, postcards, and found out fun things about others with the same surnames. Even if you don’t buy the items, they are interesting to look at! –Kathryn

  2. Greta Koehl says:

    Great idea – my maiden name is unique to our family (from great-great-grandfather and his brother on down), so it would be perfect for this.

  3. Mary Lynn Taft says:

    My great aunt gave me a copy of “A Geneology of Corleys” which was written by a relative of hers. her maiden name was Corley and so I am from the Shelbyville Corleys in Illinois. I loaned that book to a lady from Shelbyville and never got it back. My brothers each have a copy.

    • baysideresearch says:

      Mary Lynn, I’m sorry you lost your copy of the book, but it’s excellent to meet you as we are cousins! I’ll send you an email.

  4. William Ames Corley says:

    Ames Haven Corley was my grandfather.

  5. Madeleine T Burbank says:

    Ames H. Corley was my mother’s father, and I have a memory of riding on his shoulders gripping his thick curly gray hair when I was very young. Nice to know his work is still out there and appreciated by someone.

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