Random RootsTech Photos

I still have at least one more substantive RootsTech post to write based on the sessions I attended, but I finally downloaded some photos off of my camera so here are some relatively random pics from my trip.

I did a pretty horrible job of taking pics of other people at the conference, and so encourage you to check out the other folks blogging about the conference for people shots.

Nifty shot of another plane as seen from seat 13F on the flight to SLC.

The view from my hotel room. That's the roof of the Family History Library in the foreground!!!

Fantastic chocolate shake from JB's restaurant (attached to the Plaza Hotel). I also highly approved of the mini Belgian waffles at their Sunday breakfast buffet (no pic of those, sorry).

Fireworks by the state capitol. I never did find out what they were for...

Slightly less blurry fireworks shot.


5 thoughts on “Random RootsTech Photos

  1. I found out what the fireworks were for from one of the RootsTech volunteers at the Media Hub on Friday: Utah had just passed a law to allow the sale of certain fireworks in the state so the sponsor of the bill celebrated with a fireworks show on Thursday evening.

  2. Hubs and I had that same view of the roof. We must have been in a room near yours! Did you enjoy the LOUD music from that dance on the Sat. nite? Our room was shaking from it and we couldn’t sleep!

    Great pics, love seeing them

  3. It was great to meet you in person Melissa! See you at the next conference!

  4. baysideresearch says:

    @Thomas: No way! That’s hysterical. Thanks for filling me in.

    @Lorine: I completely missed that party. I was pretty exhausted the whole trip and slept hard though.

    @Joan: You too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Kerry Scott says:

    Oh my goodness. I want to fly back and have one of those milkshakes right NOW.

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