One Tomb, 83 Years of Archbalds

Back to the Granary Burial Ground in Boston, where this tombstone can be found (click the picture for a larger version):

Here’s the FindaGrave record for (the Rev.) Dr. (Mather) Byles, who starts off the list (be sure to check out the note left by a visitor to this page; also note who created this record). Here’s the record for Azor Archbald, whose tomb is pictured.

3 thoughts on “One Tomb, 83 Years of Archbalds

  1. I recognized this right away! I am related to Azor Gale, who was Anna Noyes first husband – she was Rev. Byles first wife. I am a descendant of Edmund Gale (1640 – 1716), and the Gales who lived in Beverly. I was born in Beverly so you can see we didn’t wander far!

  2. Hi,
    I just selected your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award. You can go to my site to get the picture and post it on your wall. Good job with your blog.

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