Friends Album: Photos 9 & 10

I have acquired an old photo album containing many pictures from the late 1800s. I’m going through the album to catalog the photos with as much information as can be gleaned from them. My hope is to return the album and photos to the descendants of those pictured. Read about the first photos in the album here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

We’re back at the studio of Edward A. Osborne for Photo No. 9:

Friend No. 9

Unfortunately, there are no identifying notes on this photo. I think he looks similar to Mr. Fred Young, aka Friend No. 8, but it’s definitely not the same gentleman. The ears at the very least are very different.

Check out the pin he’s wearing (too bad it’s out of focus):

Anyone recognize this pin? Fraternity pin, perhaps?

It’s also interesting to compare this shot to the shots I posted earlier, also from Osborne’s studio. This one is so much more crisp, leading me to believe it’s a more recent photo.

Here’s Photo No. 10:

Friend No. 10

That is quite the facial hair! The other interesting thing about this photo is the upside-down faded imprint from Folsom’s studio. Hmmm… Perhaps this is a copy? Still not sure why the imprint would be upside down. Perhaps it sat up against another photo and the imprint transferred onto this photo? I’ve never seen this before… There are no other markings on this photo.

[Photos 11 & 12]

2 thoughts on “Friends Album: Photos 9 & 10

  1. Joan Hill says:

    I love these old pictures! I inherited a collection of tintypes and old photos left over from several scrapped albums. I must make a trek to eastern Oregon and see if I can find homes for some of these old treasures. Thanks for reminding me.

    • baysideresearch says:

      It’s such a fun project, Joan. Where in Eastern Oregon? I have an odd family story in Umatilla (not exactly Eastern, I realize).

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