Friends Album: Photos 15 & 16

Read about the first photos in the album here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

We get a double shot of this next subject from the Friends Album. As with many photos in the Friends Album, this one is taken in Danbury, Conn., but by still another photographer.

Friend No. 15, Photo 1

Friend No. 15, Photo 2

Note that this baby also is wearing a ring on her left hand:

I found a Frank Allen, photographer, in Norwich, Conn., in 1887 and 1888. That’s nearly two hours from Danbury in today’s driving time. I’m not sure he’s our man. As you can imagine, Frank Allen is and was a common name and I found many census entries.

I eventually happened upon a city directory listing for our man in 1898-1901. His studio was listed at 248 Main Street. I added another pin to my Danbury Photographer Google Map — Allen would have been right across the street from the location of Wynard’s studio at 247 Main Street.

Here’s Photo No. 16:

Friend No. 16

Alas, there is no photographer’s imprint and no markings on the photo to help us identify this gentleman or the location where the photo was taken.

[Photos 17 & 18]


Crofutt’s Danbury City Directory, 1901, Frank Allen, p 17; ( : accessed 13 March 2011).

Norwich, Connecticut Directories, 1887-91; ( : accessed 13 March 2011).

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