Friends Album: Photos 24 & 25

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I’ve been on hiatus for a few days while traveling, but I’m diving back into the Friends Album.

Friend No. 24 is another lovely young lady:

Friend No. 24

The photographer’s imprint was a bit hard for me to decipher, but I made out the last name Smith and was able to find photographer Frank G. Smith in an 1894 Danbury city directory on Ancestry. I eventually found him there from 1889 through at least 1897. His addresses were listed as 247 Main (1889; one-time Wynard’s studio), 197 Main (1894; one-time Osborne studio), 201 1/2 Main (1896) and 407 Main (1897). I’ve added these to my Danbury photographers Google Map.

As to the girl pictured, I think she may be related to Friend No. 23 (and possibly Friend No. 22). Her features, especially her eyes, are very similar to the girl pictured in Photo No. 23.

Friends 23 (left) & 24

Also, check out how Friends 22-24 are grouped in the album (I wonder if Friend No. 22, Mary Morris [pictured in the loose photo], is somehow related to these ladies):

Friends 22-24 in the album.

Photo No. 25 is not a scan because I could not remove it from the album without harming it and I didn’t want to scan the entire album page, because the album itself is fragile.

Friend No. 25 (Geo. Y.)

Since I couldn’t take out his photo, I’m unable to read the back of Friend No. 25’s cabinet card, but someone before us was helpful enough to write his name in the bottom left on the front of the photo. It looks like “Geo. Y.” George Young, perhaps?

I’ve found two George Youngs, so far, in my searching. One was born in 1919 (and the grandson of Fred Young), and can be ruled out since I believe this photo was taken way earlier than that. The other was born in 1871 and was the son of Stanley Young.

[Photos 26 & 27]


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1930 U.S. Census, Fairfield, Connecticut, population schedule, Newtown, page 2A, dwelling 38, family 39, George R. Young and family; ( : accessed 22 March 2011); Roll: 258; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 145; Image: 288.0.

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Crofutt’s Danbury City Directory, 1894, Frank G. Smith, p 212; ( : accessed 22 March 2011).

Danbury, Connecticut Directories, 1889, Frank G. Smith; ( : accessed 22 March 2011).


One thought on “Friends Album: Photos 24 & 25

  1. John says:

    Stanley M Young had a son, George, born circa 1871

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