Friends Album: Photos 30 & 31

Read from the beginning here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

Check out the spectacles in Photo No. 30:

Friend No. 30

Closeup view of Friend No. 30's spectacles.

Too bad there’s no identifying marks on this photo besides the photographer’s imprint. We met Byron Barker before, way back when I posted about Photo No. 3. His studio’s at a different address than for that photo though.

Reverse of Friend No. 30's photo.

I previously found him at the address above in an 1886-87 Yonkers city directory. By 1892, he’s at the other studio, so this photo is pre-1892.

Back to New Milford, Conn., for our next photo:

Friend No. 31

Unfortunately, we only have the photographer’s imprint to go on for this photo as well. It’s a studio we haven’t encountered before:

Reverse of Friend No. 31's photo.

Interestingly, this photographer proved harder to find. I resorted to manually searching the New Milford directories. He doesn’t appear in 1884-85 or 1888-89. I did eventually find John J. Walklet listed at 27 Bank Street in the 1891-92 New Milford directory. The studio is still in New Milford, but at a different address, in 1897.

[Photos 32 & 33]


New Milford Directory, 1891-92 and 1897, J. J. Walklet; ( : accessed 24 March 2011).

Thompson and Fowler’s Second Annual Directory of The City of Yonkers, For The Year 1886-87, p 42, Byron Barker; ( : accessed 6 March 2011).

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