Friends Album: Photos 32 & 33

Read from the beginning here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

Photo No. 32 was once again taken by photographer Charles H. Gallup in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.:

Friend No. 32

The imprint on the front of this photo is slightly different from the embossed imprint on the front of Photo No. 26. The imprint on the back is almost exactly the same as that of Photo No. 26, except the print is in red instead of green:

Reverse of Friend No. 32's photo.

I think we’ve seen the subject of Photo No. 33 before (twice!):

Friend No. 33/possibly No. 24

She certainly looks like Friend No. 24:

Friends 33 (left) and 24.

The eyes, nose and chin are all a match to me. Both photos appear to be taken at around the same time period and both were taken in Danbury, Conn., though at different studios. Photo No. 33 is taken at Mrs. J. H. Folsom’s studio — she got a lot of business from these folks! In fact, this is a second photo/view of Friend No. 7! I thought this dress looked familiar, but I didn’t recognize it until I started going through all of the photos again for the spreadsheet I am creating.

[Photos 34 & 35]

2 thoughts on “Friends Album: Photos 32 & 33

  1. Susan says:

    You’re doing such a superb job with this. I’m late in finding this, but you’ve made it simple to catch up (thanks!). Fascinating project.

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