Friends Album: Photos 38 & 39

Read from the beginning here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

Meet Natalie, Friend No. 38:

Friend No. 38 aka Natalie

This is the same type of photo as Photo No. 37, but the styles are slightly different. They are on the same page in the album, but I hesitate to say they were taken at the same time. Here is the inscription on the back:

Reverse of Friend No. 38's photo

I am assuming the date written on the back is the date that the photo was taken, since her weight also is listed. She looks about 8-10 years old in this photo.

I am still trying to figure out what kind of photo this is. The edging around the print reminds me of a Polaroid, but I think it may just be a sleeve used by the studio to hold the image.

Here is Photo No. 39:

Friend No. 39

This is another photo taken (or at least produced by) Folsom’s studio in Danbury, Conn. There are no markings on the photo besides the imprint on the front. I’m guesstimating the date of this photo to be 1890.

[Photos 40 & 41]


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