Friends Album: Photos 44 & 45

Read from the beginning here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

Friend No. 44 looks a little surprised to be here:

Friend No. 44

We’ve seen photographer Walter F. Chipman’s work before. He shot Friend No. 29 as well. Unfortunately, there are no identifying marks on this photo besides the imprint on the front.

Photo No. 45 was taken by still another photographer in Danbury, Conn.:

Friend No. 45

This new (to us) photographer was Harvey A. Lesure. I’ve added his address to my Danbury photographer map on Google Maps.

This imprint is especially helpful as it includes the year — 1886. I found Lesure at 207 Main in directories in 1885 and 1886. Interestingly, he’s again listed in 1886 at 247 Main (that address was also used by Mrs. J. H. Folsom, Frank Smith and Wynard’s Studio over the years).

[Friends 46 & 47]


Carter’s Danbury Directory for 1886-7, Harvey A. Lesure, p 111; ( : accessed 27 March 2011).

Danbury, Connecticut Directories, 1885-86, Harvey A. Lesure; ( : accessed 27 March 2011).


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