Friends Album Finale: Photos 74 & 75

Below are the final two photos in the Friends Album. Read from the beginning here. **Click on the images below for larger versions**

Friend No. 74 is puzzlingly familiar:

Friend No. 74

Look familiar? If this isn’t Friend No. 71, than it’s his twin brother with a mustache. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Friend 74 on the left and Friend 71.

What kills me is their hair is parted and swept back in exactly the same manner. Even their ties are tied badly in the same way. The left eyebrow has the same arch in each photo. I’m willing to bet this is the same guy (as opposed even to an identical twin).

So which photo was taken first and how close together in time? I’m tempted to say he took one photo, shaved the stache and had the photo retaken (although I doubt that’s what really happened), given how similar the hair is in both photos. But… the photos were taken in what appears to be the same studio, with the same props!

While that puzzle drives me slowly mad, let’s take a look at the final photo in the album. He’s quite faded, but what a cutie!

Friend 75

I played with Curves a bit in Photoshop to darken up this photo and bring out more detail. The original is quite a bit more faded. This appears to be the one and only candid shot in the album. I don’t think it was professionally taken. Might it have been this baby’s first attempt at crawling that prompted someone to pick up a camera? This is a very flimsy print. I need to research the type of paper it’s on a bit more to see if I can date it.

Now, even though we’ve reached the end of the album, my work is far from finished. I still hope to find the living descendants of the YOUNG family members pictured in this album. I’ll continue to update you on my progress and most likely solicit your advice!


One thought on “Friends Album Finale: Photos 74 & 75

  1. Hi! Very interesting puzzle!! For what it’s worth (and that’s not much, mind you) I think you are correct about it being the same guy, or, a very identical brother/twin. I think the one photo w/o mustache he is thinner in the face, and looks a bit younger. His hands appear less heavy and work worn, too, to me. (I downloaded and viewed the picture) I’m kind of thinking that he had his photo taken as a young man, perhaps just out of high school, or in high school, and then went back for another shot.

    Interesting! I hope you are able to sort out the puzzle!!

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