Friends Album: Meet the Present-Day Youngs


Screenshot of today's article.

An article ran in The Journal News of New York this morning about the return of the Friends Album to the Young family. It’s so neat to finally see the photo of Stanley Young III and his father, Stanley Young, Jr. I searched for them for so long.

It’s also really interesting to read how they are seeing familiar features in so many of those pictured in the Friends Album — it’s just as I’d hoped. In addition to the identified people in the album, it appears that still more of those in the photographs also are relatives of the Youngs.

5 thoughts on “Friends Album: Meet the Present-Day Youngs

  1. Tina Lyons says:

    Congrats, Missy! You did awesome work on this.

  2. Well done! I am going back to follow along on all the posts, Missy.

  3. Aunt Joan says:

    This is such a happy ending to your search, and such a great beginning for the Young’s family trip back in time, Missy! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  4. Greta Koehl says:

    I’m in awe, too – great work and so wonderful that it was returned to family.

  5. baysideresearch says:

    Thanks, all! I keep hearing from more descendants of the Youngs — this is so much fun!

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