Photo Puzzler

This blog has been quiet because I was on vacation the past week with my fam on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Below is a photo of four cousins (including moi, on the right). One of them is my sister and the other two are sisters. Can you guess who is who? If you know already or played along on Facebook, please refrain from posting a comment. I will update this post with the answer in about a day (Answer now posted below!).

Four cousins, two sets of sisters. Can you figure out who is who?

UPDATE: That’s my sister, Carolyn, in the bright blue tank top. The other two, Shannon on the left and Kelly, are sisters as well. Kelly and I strongly favor our dads in appearance, though our fathers were not related except by marriage (we also have almost the exact same food allergies). Shannon and Carolyn both have their moms’ darker hair.


One thought on “Photo Puzzler

  1. Greta Koehl says:

    My guess, from left to right, is cousin-sister-cousin-sister (with the cousins being sisters to one another, of course).

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