Tick Tock

The grandfather clock I mentioned in an earlier post was repaired today and is ticking and chiming away merrily in my dining room! It sounds just like I remember it. We’ll see if I make it through the night without switching off the chime though. I’m afraid it’s going to wake me up every 15 minutes with it’s Big Ben chime.

The clock displays the month, day of the week and the date...

... and the phase of the moon.

The clock has a nameplate with my dad's name on it and the date it was purchased.

I love the fact the face of the clock shows it was made in "Western Germany."

For those who don’t have the pleasure of owning a grandfather clock, did you know you can experience the pleasure through Twitter?

And on a separate note, did you know there are splogs related just to grandfather clocks? And they delete your comments when you complain to them about stealing your content?

2 thoughts on “Tick Tock

  1. Amy Coffin says:

    It’s funny how the sound of a grandfather clock can take you back to a particular time and place.

    I’m so happy you finally have your clock back. Thank you for sharing your photos of it. It’s lovely!

  2. What a pretty clock! Congratulations on getting it repaired and back to chiming in YOUR house. What enjoyable memories that will bring. Sorry to hear about the splogger, Thomas MacEntee or James Tanner can probably help with that.

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