New Album Project: Step One

I couldn’t wait to dig into my latest album project, but I had a bunch of Xmas-prep stuff to take care of last night. Now that that’s out of the way, I was able to take the first step in attending to the photos in the two albums I purchased yesterday.

Because I intend to remove most, if not all, of the photos from the albums, I wanted a record of their order as I found them before I start removing them. So I photographed each page’s layout. As I am researching the photos, the order may provide clues as to how the various photo subjects are related.

I think the album’s original owner’s intent in how he/she displayed the photos is important to consider/preserve. For instance, I think the way they arranged the photos below is clever.

Here are some more of the layouts:

Next, I start by looking at the photos one by one. If they are already loose, I’ll scan them and start investigating any clues they reveal. If they are glued in, things will be trickier. I’ll photograph or scan them before considering how best to extract them. Once removed, I’ll scan them for the best possible digital copy. All of the photos will be put into a new album made of acid-free, photo safe materials. I’ve chosen a Creative Memories Picfolio album for this purpose. I’ll try to preserve the original order as best I can.


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