Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photo 1

For lack of a better name, I’m going to call my latest photo project the Album Rescue Project. Today, I started removing the photos from the first album, scanning them and adding them to a new photo album.

Here is the first photo and what is written on the reverse (click on the images for larger versions):

Reverse of Photo 1: New Town

There’s not a lot to work with here, but there are a couple of clues. There is a notation on the back that says “New Town.” I think it’s too early to try and figure out which New Town (or Newtown or maybe even Newton). On the front is written “S-1915.” I’m going to assume that is the date, for now. I’m pretty sure the little girl in the picture makes an appearance in other photos in the album.

This photo actually was pasted onto the inside of the front cover. I very carefully slid an Exact-o knife blade underneath to loosen it from the paper. It came off pretty easily, but I’m not sure the rest that are still glued in will be as cooperative.

I’m moving the photos into an acid-free, photo-safe album from Creative Memories for safe keeping. The photos slide into pockets so that they can be removed later, if needed.

PicFolio Album from Creative Memories

I’m adding paper into some of the pockets for journaling in the album, as I find out more about the photos. Stay tuned for more photos and investigating!

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