Album Rescue Project: Photos 52-56

Here’s some new scenery for the next couple of photos:

Photo 52

Photo 53

It took me a while to notice the woman in the window — interesting shot, huh?

Photo 54

These two are attached at the hip, aren’t they? Note they are both wearing the same pin. I’ve seen the star wearing it other photos in the album. They may just be locket pins, but I wonder if they have some other significance.

I’m really starting to wonder about the labeling system the album owner used on these photos. Why write the same thing twice on this photo? So bizarre…

Photo 55

Too bad this photo is so blurry. She looks happy and also like she’s saying something.

Photo 56

This subject looks a little miffed. I can only guess that she didn’t want her picture taken.


2 thoughts on “Album Rescue Project: Photos 52-56

  1. Hi Missy,

    Have you tried to track the labels? Why have H1919 at top and bottom (#54), or H1919 at the top and C1919 at the bottom(#55).


  2. baysideresearch says:

    Hi Russ — those codes have been especially baffling. I haven’t tried to do a full analysis of them yet, but in at least one case, what appears to be a year doesn’t correlate with information on the back of the photo. So weird.

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