Album Rescue Project: Photos 57-60

More fun photos in this next set. And one frustrating one.

Photo 57

The little girl front and center looks like a total badass with her headband and her arms crossed.

And here’s the album’s star with a parasol on a sunny day. If it’s as hot as I think it is, I can’t imagine having to wear those tights and shoes.

Photo 58

The girl in the middle of this photo almost looks glamorous!

Photo 59

And now for the frustrating photo:

Photo 60 (note that his chair is placed over a cellar door)

It’s not the image itself that’s frustrating. It’s what happened on the back:

Reverse of Photo 60: "Uncle H???y"

Argh! Can’t make out the first name of the uncle pictured due to the use of glue to attach this photo. The album owner tended to glue in the photos that were placed toward the center of the album, probably because when the pages were turned, those photos toward the center tended to pop out of the photo corners when the pages bent. This was one of those photos. Dangit.


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