Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 106-111

We have an identified subject in Photo 106:

Photo 106

Reverse of Photo 106: Fredinand G/T? Law about 14 years old

I double-checked the physical photo and it is cut off at the top as pictured in the scan above. I didn’t find records for a Ferdinand G. or T. Law. There is a Ferdinand Law from Ohio in the 1920 census. I suppose that could be this Ferdinand — perhaps he is a relative of our album’s star, who is based in Pennsylvania.

Below is the album’s star with an older woman, whom I don’t think we’ve seen before:

Photo 107

Below are photos with a baby who is 4 months old, if the captions are accurate (no notes on the back this time). Perhaps the same baby who appeared at the age of 7 weeks old earlier in the album?

Photo 108

Photo 109

Baby in a basket:

Photo 110


Photo 111

Those who are watching the codes will note that the baby photos in this post have two different letters, E and H. The previous baby photos in the album also had E and H in the codes. The 6- to 7-week-old baby photos shown earlier had the letter H in the codes.

Also note that in the photo above, the age of the baby is written in pencil and the code is added in ink.


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