My First Jamboree — Part 2

Saturday morning, I power-breakfasted at the hotel restaurant, said hi to Caroline Pointer and a few others, and then was off to a full day of sessions. Caroline, Tonia Kendrick and I started out at Elyse Doerflinger’s “Conquering the Digital Monster” session, which she rocked. I came away with several useful tips and apps to try.

Next, I attended Lisa Alzo’s very informative “Beyond the Arrival Date: Extracting More from Immigrant Passenger Lists.” Her presentation was excellent and I’m quite jealous of the records she’s been able to find for her ancestors. I also attended a rather interesting session by Michael John Neill on a probate case with several unusual aspects.

I stopped by the exhibitor hall to have Megan Smolenyak sign a copy of her new book, Hey America, Your Roots are Showing! We chatted about Easton for a bit as she has visited friends here before. She’s soooo nice! And such a rockstar. I attended her afternoon session on “Reverse Genealogy” — one of the best talks that I attended at the conference.

After that, I was a bit sessioned out though and could be found once again in the bar (imagine that!) with the usual crew. Amy Coffin and I went out to dinner at the Greek restaurant across the street. We ended up sharing a table with Stephen Morse and his wife — they’re such a great couple. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy getting to know everyone at these events.

Oh! I forgot to mention that on the first day of the conference, I also met Gena Philibert-Ortega and picked up a copy of her new book From the Family Kitchen, which she was nice enough to give me as a thank you for hosting a guest post from her on finding heirloom recipes and cookbooks.


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