Treasure Chest Thursday: Becker Bier Artifacts

Dear Reader: Do you think you are related to the individuals listed in this post? Please drop me a note! I love hearing from cousins and others researching my family!

My aunt very generously shared many items with me over the holiday weekend and I’m thrilled to have acquired a few items related to Bierbrauerei Becker in St. Ingbert. I am somehow related to this brewery and am getting closer to figuring out the connection thanks to some photos we scanned this weekend.

German Wild cousins of mine married into the Becker family. When my grandfather was stationed in Germany, he took his wife and kids to the brewery and there they collected several souvenirs, including postcards and the ashtray below.

An ashtray bearing the Becker Bier insignia.

Bierbrauerei Becker postcard

The same view, in a color image, on the cover of a booklet about the brewery.

My understanding is that the brewery no longer makes beer. I had hoped to try it someday, but instead settle for asking anyone I know who’s been to Germany if they tried it and what did they think.


4 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday: Becker Bier Artifacts

  1. peg says:


    This is so interesting! I love reading your posts.

    Sorry I have not gotten back to you on pictures. I will soon, my husband had a blockage in his heart and was in the hospital which has slowed me up a bit.



  2. keri becker says:

    Hi idk how i stumbled upon ur blog but I did. I too am related to the same family brewey. Apparently from what I have been told is that the brewery symbol is the family crest. I have stories from my childhood about this as well. I would love to compare research. Email me and check out my blog as well.

    • How exciting, Keri! I must admit that my research into this connection has been minimal, but I did find a photo with names on the back that seems to connect my Wild kin with the Becker family through marriage. I will send you the names. Checking out your blog next!

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