Album Rescue Project: Photos 52-56

Here’s some new scenery for the next couple of photos:

Photo 52

Photo 53

It took me a while to notice the woman in the window — interesting shot, huh?

Photo 54

These two are attached at the hip, aren’t they? Note they are both wearing the same pin. I’ve seen the star wearing it other photos in the album. They may just be locket pins, but I wonder if they have some other significance.

I’m really starting to wonder about the labeling system the album owner used on these photos. Why write the same thing twice on this photo? So bizarre…

Photo 55

Too bad this photo is so blurry. She looks happy and also like she’s saying something.

Photo 56

This subject looks a little miffed. I can only guess that she didn’t want her picture taken.


Album Rescue Project: Photos 48-51

Some of these next photos depict a fun trip to the lake.

Photo 48

That’s our star on the right and her friend in the middle has appeared in several other photos already. At least two of the girls are holding bouquets, but I wonder if they picked these themselves.

Photo 49

Reverse of Photo 49: The Raft

I can only imagine that the group down by this lake or river put a lot of effort into this raft, what with its flag and everything. I love the fact they took a photo of it and even captioned it.

Photo 50


Photo 51

Reverse of Photo 51: First Fishing

I don’t think we’ve come across this little guy before — looks like he’s having fun!

Album Rescue Project: Photos 43-45

The next photos from the album show more fun times outdoors. Have you noticed that all of these photos have been taken outdoors? I guess flash photography wasn’t available (not affordably, at least), so they had to rely on natural light to take their photos.

Photo 43

Photo 44

I’m trying to decide if the above is some sort of game or if the photographer was just waiting for imminent disaster (kind of like with the hammock series…).

Photo 45

And, any idea what she’s holding?

Unfortunately, none of these photos have notes on the back.