Project Linus

This is post #12 in the GeneaBloggers Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories.

2000 Donation to Project Linus

As I mentioned in a previous post, I like to quilt and my main quilting project is too big to work on most of the year. During the warmer months, if I have the time to quilt, I’ll instead make baby quilts for Project Linus. Though small, it is often Christmas time before these projects of mine are completed and ready to send to the organization.

2001 Donation to Project Linus

Project Linus provides handmade security blankets to sick or traumatized children. I’ve created three quilts for them. One year, near the holidays, I sewed Project Linus labels onto dozens of donated blankets before they were sent to local hospitals. If you are a knitter, quilter or crocheter, please consider donating one of your creations. Anyone else can make a donation of time or money to this organization as well.

Treasure Chest Thursday: Life Story Quilt

Denim Quilt TopMy post this week is about a treasure of very personal sort — more than a decade in the making (and it’s still not finished!). Back in high school, I started saving scraps of denim whenever I turned a worn pair of jeans into a pair of cut-off shorts. I originally planned to make pillows out of them. In college I learned to quilt, and so the denim scraps that had been piling up for years found their purpose.

During winter break of my senior year of college, I started piecing together the first square. That was nearly 11 years ago. The quilt is a sampler (each block is a different pattern) and I accented the denim with pieces of other clothing. One block has pieces of the dress that I wore for high school graduation. Another includes flannel from my grunge days. Over the years, I obtained used pieces of clothing from friends that they planned to discard — some thought I planned to wear the dresses/shirts myself. Others knew I was really going to cut the material into strips for quilting.

Side ViewNow, some of the quilt’s blocks contain pieces of a shirt from a college roommate. Other blocks have a floral pattern from a dress a former coworker and dear friend gave to me. I love the quilt all the more for the people and times that I recall as I work on it.

After I finished piecing the blocks I bought yards and yards of thin denim for the borders on the top of the quilt and to make the backing. The top, backing and a thin layer of batting are basted together and I’m in the quilting stage right now. The quilting is also sampler-style, with different patterns along the border and in each block. The layers are so thick, and the quilting needle I use is so long and sharp, that I must improvise a thimble using a metal spoon in order to protect my fingers.

The Other SideThe quilt is queen-size and completely covers me as I work on it. It is so heavy (mostly due to all that denim) that I can really only work on it during the winter. It’s actually been several years since I did so (like many things, it took a backseat to grad school). I’m determined to get back to work on it again now that the weather is turning colder. It will no doubt be several more years before I can finally finish the edges and call it done. Not unlike a scrapbook, it documents nearly half of my life thus far. Every stitch has been done by hand. It is my opus.