Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 131-136

Here’s one more graduation day photo before moving on:

Photo 131

We’ve graduated from the hammock to a swing in this next photo:

Photo 132

Here’s our star holding a doll who’s holding a doll:

Photo 133

She looks a bit chilly in this next one:

Photo 134

Sitting on the steps:

Photo 135

Having some fun in the snow:

Photo 136

I’m going to posit that the Y in the code in a couple of the photos above stands for York (as in York, Penn.).


Album Resuce Project: Album 1, Photos 126-130


Photo 126

More poses of the girls together:

Photo 127

That’s quite a house in the background…

Photo 128

On to a new series of photos. I think from our star’s graduation day!

Photo 129

Photo 130

She’s absolutely swimming in that gown, isn’t she. Now, the question is, is this a high school graduation or college?

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 120-125

Hmmm… Might this be the album’s star with her beau?

Photo 120

Unfortunately, the folks to the left are fading out of this next photo:

Photo 121

This next photo has some fading as well:

Photo 122

Here’s a gentleman I don’t believe we’ve seen before with the album’s star and her friend:

Photo 123

Another interesting pose. I think they were hamming it up for the camera:

Photo 124

Definitely having fun:

Photo 125

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 116-119

Fancy hats and fur in the next few photos:

Photo 116

Check out the little dolls our album’s star and her friend are holding up in the next photo:

Photo 117

The caption on this next photo shows it was taken in Harrisburg (perhaps that is related to the photo’s code…):

Photo 118: Harrisburg

Quite a group pose in this next shot:

Photo 119

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 112-115

Anyone familiar with this type of uniform/weapon? From the web research, I did, I think this is a U.S. Army uniform from WWI:

Photo 112

The following date is written on the back:

Reverse of Photo 112: Nov 11, 1918

The photo below has the same code:

Photo 113

Reverse of Photo 113: April 10, 1919

Below is another fun shot of the album’s star with her friends:

Photo 114

Anyone recognize this bridge?

Photo 115

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 106-111

We have an identified subject in Photo 106:

Photo 106

Reverse of Photo 106: Fredinand G/T? Law about 14 years old

I double-checked the physical photo and it is cut off at the top as pictured in the scan above. I didn’t find records for a Ferdinand G. or T. Law. There is a Ferdinand Law from Ohio in the 1920 census. I suppose that could be this Ferdinand — perhaps he is a relative of our album’s star, who is based in Pennsylvania.

Below is the album’s star with an older woman, whom I don’t think we’ve seen before:

Photo 107

Below are photos with a baby who is 4 months old, if the captions are accurate (no notes on the back this time). Perhaps the same baby who appeared at the age of 7 weeks old earlier in the album?

Photo 108

Photo 109

Baby in a basket:

Photo 110


Photo 111

Those who are watching the codes will note that the baby photos in this post have two different letters, E and H. The previous baby photos in the album also had E and H in the codes. The 6- to 7-week-old baby photos shown earlier had the letter H in the codes.

Also note that in the photo above, the age of the baby is written in pencil and the code is added in ink.

Album Rescue Project: Album 1, Photos 100-105

This next set of photos confirms a connection to Maryland and features one of the best photos so far in the album.

Here we have the four gentlemen, still posing with their car:

Photo 100

And here’s a photo from another mystery location:

Photo 101

Next is one of the best photos so far. Yes, the guy on the left is blurry. It’s everything else that’s so excellent:

Photo 102

There are so many details in this photo! The Chevrolet ad in the upper left, the Coca-Cola ad down at the bottom, the wooden barrels. The African-American woman and the boy in waders and a big floppy hat greeting each other. The name of the business and the location information on the sign.

West Friendship is in Howard County, Maryland. I found Herbert H. Cross in the 1920 census, where he is listed as merchant. My guess is that these photos were taken as the guys in the previous photos drove to or from D.C. from Pennsylvania.

Here’s a photo of the album’s star posing on a bridge (note the variation in the code: 2B-1919):

Photo 103

And a photo of a baby, supposedly taken in 1919:

Photo 104

And here are the gentleman posing again in West Friendship in front of the car:

Photo 105