Inspired by Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Fire & Ice

Randy Seaver’s task for this evening at

1. What is your all-time favorite song? Yep, number 1. It’s hard to choose sometimes. If you made your favorite all-time Top 40 music selections, what would be #1?

2. Tell us about it. Why is it a favorite? Do you have special memories attached to this song?

3. Write your own blog post about it, or make a comment on this post or on the Facebook entry.

I simply cannot pick one all-time favorite song, however, this mission did remind me of the first cassette I ever owned. It was given to me by my parents for my 7th birthday along with a turquoise Realistic radio (the kind with a cassette slot that operated exactly like a pop-up toaster). I loved the radio and I loved the cassette, which I played over and over and over.

The cassette, “Fire & Ice,” was a compilation of music from the likes of Blondie, Abba, The Manhattan Transfer, Bonnie Raitt, The Pointer Sisters, Diana Ross, Kim Carnes, Pat Benatar, The Pretenders. The list goes on and on.

It was awesome. To this day, many of the songs on that cassette are among my favorites.

At that time, my all-time favorite song was “Fame,” performed by Irene Cara for the movie of the same name. I also owned that tune as a single on 45 and that was played over and over and over on my Fisher-Price turntable in my playroom down in the basement. No doubt, my parents were gluttons for punishment. I am sure that the reason they bought that particular cassette was because it also had the song “Fame.”

I simply had to find the compilation online and I succeeded after searching for it on Here is a copy of the cover. If I found this on CD, I’d buy it in a second. I suppose I could always recreate it on iTunes…