Rootstech Has This Librarian Hoppin’ Mad

UPDATE: Rootstech has made some floorspace available to a few booksellers at the conference after the recent uproar. I don’t know if they are also making room for other non-tech vendors like crafters…

I was dismayed to hear today that booksellers will not be allowed to set up shop in the RootsTech vendor hall at the upcoming conference. Then I was still more shocked to see that not only booksellers, but craft vendors and genealogical studies vendors also will not be allowed in.

Dear RootsTech Organizers, to borrow a phrase from a friend, “Who pooped in your cereal this morning?”

Rootstech attracted thousands of attendees to its inaugural event last year — genealogy enthusiasts and professionals of all skill levels, both techie and non. To be honest, I thought that the selections in the vendor hall were a bit underwhelming for a conference of that size.

Now it’s going to be even more limited?

I don’t get it.

Now, I’m not an official RootsTech blogger or anything, but I did sing the event’s praises on my blog while attending last year and I was really looking forward to going to the 2012 event. Things like this make me wonder if the event is going to have the same positive vibe as last year’s though. I liked how inclusive the event was last year. That’s what made it work.

I really hope that if enough of us raise our voices on this one, RootsTech may reconsider.