Friends Album: Photos 58 & 59

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We’re back in Danbury, Conn., and Mrs. J. H. Folsom’s studio for the next two photos.

Friend No. 58

Friend No. 59

I believe these photos were taken at the same time. The imprint on the back is exactly the same:

Imprint as shown on the reverse of both Photo 58 & 59.

When I zoomed in on Friend No. 59’s photo, I saw something kind of interesting. It looks like someone drew in hair along his left temple (click on the photo for a larger version):

[Photos 60 & 61]


Friends Album: Photos 56 & 57

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We’re in Bridgeport, Conn., for the next two photos, which were taken by the same photographer:

Friend No. 56

Friend No. 57

The imprint says “Price, Ground Floor Studio, 515 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.”

I found photographer Frank E. Price in Bridgeport in 1890-91 city directories (though at a different address) and in the 1900 U.S. Census. By manually searching an 1899 city directory, I found him at the address listed in the imprint. Interestingly, in 1900 he has a brother Charlie living with him and he’s listed as a photographer too.

[Photos 58 & 59]


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The Friends Album is Back! Photos 54 & 55

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I think we have another set of siblings in Photos 54 and 55:

Friend No. 54

The photo above has the same prop and backdrop as Photo No. 55:

Friend No. 55

I’m tempted to say that Friend No. 54 may be a boy, given the cropped hair.

Both of these photos were taken at Walter Chipman’s studio in New Milford, Conn. That’s all I’ve divined so far.

As always, the Friends Album Google Map and Google Spreadsheet have been updated.

[Photos 56 & 57]

More Friends Album Graves

For this Tombstone Tuesday, I give you still more graves associated with the Friends Album. As I mentioned in my post earlier today, I’ve found several memorials on FindaGrave associated with the Youngs, Morrises and Morrells. A kind volunteer in Connecticut even posted some photos for me minutes after I requested them this weekend. Here are the links:

Mary Morris (Photo in Friends Album)
Cornelia Morris Young (Photo in album)
Their parents, Roswell and Laura.

Henry B. Young (Cornelia’s husband)
Stanley M. Young (Henry’s brother (I mentioned him last week, along with brother-in-law William Morrell; no photo available on FindaGrave, unfortunately)

Friends Album: Photos 52 & 53

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Photo No. 52 bears a striking resemblance to another photo in this series:

Friend No. 52 aka Cornelia Morris

Reverse of Cornelia Morris' (Friend No. 52's) photo.

I’m going to wager that these two ladies are related:

Mary Morris (Friend No. 22, left) and Cornelia Morris.

For what it’s worth, not that I needed further convincing, the photos have exactly the same imprint on the back and the handwriting on both looks to be the same as well. Here’s the reverse of Mary Morris’ photo.

But Cornelia’s photo is pretty exciting because the notes on the back give us her marital information. Now, I have been building a Friends Album family tree in Ancestry, to help me keep track of everyone we’ve been discussing so far and to track the documents I find about each of them. I already had found a Henry Young, married to a Cornelia, on Ancestry. Why? Because they were the parents of a Frederick Young. I think they’re the parents of this Frederick Young aka Friend No. 8:

Friend No. 8 aka Fred Young

But wait, there’s more! I found the Youngs in the 1860 U.S. census and guess who is in the household? Stanley M. Young. We haven’t seen a photo of Stanley yet (well, not that we know of). But we have seen a photo of Stanley’s wife’s brother, William Morrell!

Are you keeping track? We’ve now connected the Morrises to the Youngs to the Morrells! To top it all off, I think I have found all of the above Morrises and Youngs in the same cemetery on FindaGrave, which may help me to locate their next of kin. More on that at a later date.

Here’s Photo No. 53:

Friend No. 53

This photo appears next to Cornelia’s in the album and both are the exact same size on the same type of backing. However, this photo has no imprint on the front or back and no other markings besides the schmutz you can see on the image itself. It’s an interesting photo nonetheless.

[Photos 54 & 55]


1860 U.S. Census, Litchfield County, Connecticut, population schedule, Bridgewater, page 15, dwelling 125, family 125, Henry Young and family; ( : accessed 2 April 2011); Roll: M653_82; Image: 16; Family History Film: 803082.

Friends Album: Friends 46 & 47

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The next photo is one of my favorites:

Friends 46 & 47

There’s so much to love about this photo — the girl’s dress, the boy’s bowtie. I can only assume this pair is brother and sister. It’s too bad her face is a little blurry. Also too bad that they’re not identified.

Once again, this photo was taken at Folsom’s in Danbury, Conn.

[Friends 48-51]

Friends Album: Photos 44 & 45

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Friend No. 44 looks a little surprised to be here:

Friend No. 44

We’ve seen photographer Walter F. Chipman’s work before. He shot Friend No. 29 as well. Unfortunately, there are no identifying marks on this photo besides the imprint on the front.

Photo No. 45 was taken by still another photographer in Danbury, Conn.:

Friend No. 45

This new (to us) photographer was Harvey A. Lesure. I’ve added his address to my Danbury photographer map on Google Maps.

This imprint is especially helpful as it includes the year — 1886. I found Lesure at 207 Main in directories in 1885 and 1886. Interestingly, he’s again listed in 1886 at 247 Main (that address was also used by Mrs. J. H. Folsom, Frank Smith and Wynard’s Studio over the years).

[Friends 46 & 47]


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