Follow Friday: Magical Backyard

Going through my Google Reader, I happened upon a post by The Scrappy Genealogist. She’s starting a new blog, Magical Backyard.

“The Magical Backyard will use photos and stories to share the special experience of being there. It will feature photographs taken by Bubba. His photos capture the seasons, the weather, the growing things, and of course the people, who have spent some time in this heavenly haven.”

I can’t wait to see more! I know I have tons of fond memories of playing in various backyards growing up.

Follow Friday: AIIP Conference Tweets

Next week (April 7-10) is the 25th Annual Association of Independent Information Professionals Conference in Vancouver, WA. Be sure to follow #aiip11 on Twitter to keep up with all the sessions. Several genealogists are members of AIIP and I encourage anyone who has a genealogy business or who is thinking of starting one to look into this group. The conference is just one of the many benefits of joining. You’ll get a taste of what you can learn from this wonderful group by following conference tweets.

Still need convincing? Take a look at my recap of last year’s conference.

Follow Friday: A Grave Interest

If you have an interest in cemeteries and gravestones (and let’s face it, who doesn’t? 😉 ) then I suggest you check out the blog A Grave Interest. Two of blogger Joy Neighbors’ posts this week were really interesting to me. The first on Celtic crosses was very informative. I even forwarded it to a friend who has a tattoo of a Celtic cross gravestone (!). Today’s post on daffodils in cemeteries and their symbolism is very timely and sweet.

Follow Friday: Luxegen

I had the pleasure of meeting Joan Miller at RootsTech last month, but I’ve been following her on Twitter and on her blog for a long time.  I encourage you to do the same.

Shortly after RootsTech, Joan posted about SEO (search engine optimization) for genealogy. This was one of the most helpful blog posts I have ever read. I immediately put into practice some of her tips on my own web site and in my APG directory listing. It’s paying off. I’m already seeing an uptick in hits to my business web site and this has netted me sales and new clients. Thanks, Joan!

Follow Friday: Cow Hampshire

As many of you know, a Christmas miracle led to the resurrection of the Cow Hampshire blog. I have really enjoyed the posts this year. Yesterday’s post, “New Hampshire and the Birth of the Cocktail,” was no exception. I love these historical write-ups on various topics local to New Hampshire and encourage you to check out this blog.

Follow Friday: Cyndi’s List Shout-out

This week, I’m going to ask that you do more than follow someone. I’m going to encourage you to help support the web site Cyndi’s List. You probably have heard of this site already — it’s a must-have, free resource for all genealogists, with links to every kind of genealogy site imaginable. The site will celebrate its 15th anniversary on March 4 with several upgrades.

Did you know that Cyndi’s List is truly Cyndi’s own? It’s just her behind the site and always has been. She needs our help. Please consider donating towards the upgrades to the site. Learn more here. Just $5 can make a huge difference!

TIP: Cyndi’s List is massive. Get notified about new links added to the site by signing up for her mailing list. Alternatively, you can browse recent additions here.

Follow Friday: Relatively Curious About Genealogy

One of the presentations that I attended at RootsTech was led by Tami Glatz of the Relatively Curious About Genealogy blog. Her presentation was called “Cool Tools to Enhance Your Online Research.” One of the tools she covered was her very own — her Internet Genealogy toolbar. I just downloaded it myself, but it looks very promising in terms of the links and resources it contains. I encourage all of you to check out her blog and the toolbar, if you haven’t already. The toolbar can be downloaded from a link at the very top of her blog. Enjoy!